How to prepare our raspberry pi(raspbian) for nodejs development with VS Code

There is nothing more productive than nodejs development, in a previous project in my company we developed a sensor application with Windows IoT core with C#, however the IDE is slow, restarting IoT Core is slow, debugging is slow, so I wanted to give it a try and develop it with nodejs.

The idea is simple, setup raspberry for nodejs remote development with Visual Studio Code.

sudo apt update  
sudo apt full-upgrade  
sudo apt install -y tightvncserver  
sudo apt install -y xrdp  
sudo apt install -y samba  

This will update our raspbian kernel to latest versions and then it will install a few applications we need to develop remotely, samba is the one that will allow us to access a PI folder as network file share.

Now we need to SSH to our raspbian

ssh pi@raspberry  

pi is the username, raspberry is the hostname, the default password is raspberry for raspbian installations

Once in the PI via ssh, lets create our shared folder

cd /etc/samba  
nano smb.conf  

At the end of the file be sure you have this

comment=Raspi Share  
read only = no  
writeable = yes  
guest ok = yes  
force user = root  

Lets change the pi smb password, just to clarify the samba password to access the file share, has nothing to do with the linux password, they can be different

sudo smbpasswd -a pi  

Then we can restart the samba service (sometimes is needed)

sudo service smbd restart  

Now, we can connect via windows shared folder \raspberrypi, then you will see the shared folders, now create a folder for your solution and see you in the next step for our first nodejs app with groovepi and raspberry.